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All I Really Believe In Is You

Title:All I Really Believe In Is You
Paring:Adie/Fink Billie/???
Rating:PG or PG-13
Disclaimer:Don't own shit
Deds: letterbomb_baby for giving me the courage to write DRUNK Fink

Fink fell into his bedroom loudly. He knew his partner was there sleeping but in his intoxicated state, he didn’t really care. He fell over onto the bed, beer bottle still in hand with a loud squeak.

“God dammit Fink, I was fucking sleeping!” His partner yelled sitting up with a start.

“Ooopss.” Fink slurred. “Dinit meano.”

“Fuck Fink, not again. You always come home like this. Do you always have to drink?”

Fink tried to become serious but failed. He tried to keep a straight face since his partner was now glaring at him but he suddenly burst into a fit of giggles.

His partner sighed. “What now Fink?”

“Oue look sa cute when oue glare.” Fink said giggling again.

“Fuck you Fink. I’m getting tired of this. I’m just gonna leave tomorrow.”

That statement made Fink sober up quickly. “I- I’m sorry.” Was all he could say.

“Well that won’t very well help now will it. I want the old you back. I liked… No LOVED the old you.”

“Really I’m sorry. I’ll be good now, I promise.” Fink said pulling off his mask.

“Now there’s my Billie Joe, just like I like him.” Adrienne said pulling her husband in for a long and passionate kiss.

Billie pulled away and smiled at his wife. “I still hafta be Fink sometimes.” Billie said caressing her face with a gloved hand.

“OK. Only sometimes though. I want my Billie. Not a drunk Fink.”

“Love ya honey.”

“Love you too.” Adrienne said pulling her husband in for another kiss, sliding her hands down to pull off his red leather, and any other reminder of the devil.
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