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Title:The Plan (I know shitty)
Paring:Adie/??? Adie/??? some Billie/Mike/Tre
Rating:PG-13 for this part
Disclaimer:I really wish I owned Adie... *sighs*
Summary:Adie forms a plan to get rid of someone...(yet again shitty. I just don't want to give anything away.)

Adrienne sat in her living room, waiting for the phone to ring. Finally it did.

“Hello?” Adrienne said answering the phone.

“Hey it’s Claudia.”


“So are we still going to go through with the plan tonight?”

“Yes I think… Oh hang on Billie’s coming.” Adrienne pulled the receiver away from her mouth to kiss her husband.

“Who you talking to babe?” He asked.

“Oh just Claudia. Where you going all dressed up like that?” She said motioning to her husbands button up black shirt and good pants.

“Oh just out with the guys. You know, the usual.” Billie said winking at her.

Adrienne knew what the wink meant. She knew what her husband was going to be doing as soon as the men got behind closed doors, but she was completely ok with it.

She winked back at her husband and kissed him one last time before going back to her conversation.

“Ok I’m back.”

“So the guys are going to hang out tonight?”

“Yep, sounds like it. So we have the whole night to get this done. I called a babysitter. You can just bring Frakito over here and he can be with the boys. That way we can use your house.”

“Sure ok. I’ll get ready and be there soon.”

“Ok, I’ll call Brittney.” Adrienne said hanging up the phone, then quickly dialing Mikes home phone.

“Hello?” Brittney’s chipper voice sounded over the phone.

“Hey Brittney, it’s Adie.” She said trying to sound happy to talk to her.

“Oh hi.”

“Um… Claudia and I were wondering if you wanted to have a girls night with us since the guys will probably stay somewhere else and that way we can all get to know each other better.”

“Sure… Don’t have anything else better to do.”

“Ok, I’ll pick you up soon. Bring some stuff, we’ll be staying at Claudia’s.”

Adie hung up the phone and went to get ready for the night ahead. She even packed a few extra things to make sure that the plan would work.
So what did you think? The next part will be up when I write it!
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