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Title: Two Guys, A Girl And Drunken Sex
Author: m_j_47
Raiting: NC-17
Pairing: Young(ish) Billie Joe/Mike/Adie
Disclaimer: It happened. I saw it. From my space ship. On Mars!
Dedications: luthien123 for inspiring me to write it!!!
Notes: This is set when the guys are about 20-21... I'm not sure if Billie met Adrienne then, OR if he met her at a gig.
BUT its fiction afterall so ONWARD!

Throwing his Bass into the back of the van, Mike rubbed down his face with the palm of his hand.  It was only getting on to 11pm, but after a hard gig, and a few too many drinks afterwards, Mike was ready to crash.  He turned around in hope of seeing his band mates. Instead, he managed to see a drunken couple making out behind a bush and some random guy puking on his own shoes.

Rolling his eyes, Mike jumped in the passenger side of the vehicle, closing the door with a loud ‘Bang.’ <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Stretching his arms back above his head, as far as the small compartment would allow, Mike sighed loudly. He could hear the bass of the music from the nearby house through the open window as he closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.



Womanly giggles close by, made Mike jump with a start. His eyes flickered to the glowing green clock above the tape deck. 12.49 flashed on the screen. Running a hand through his hair, Mike looked into the darkness to see a small guy with dark hair walking towards him, arm wrapped securely around a dark haired girl.

“Mikeeeeeey,” Billie shouted a little louder than necessary, sending shivers down Mike’s arms.

Pushing the door open, Mike hoped out of the van and onto the concrete sidewalk, to greet his friend. 

“Jesus Bil, I’ve been waiting almost two hours!”

The young woman giggled, holding out her hand. “I’m Adrienne. And sorry, I do believe it was my fault Billie Joe was late.”

Mike took hold of the waiting hand, shaking genuinely before pulling off. He noted to himself how soft her hand felt. And how her eyes seemed to be sparkling, just in the moonlight. And how her dress was that tiny bit tighter than it should have….

“Earth to Mike?!”

Mike opened and closed his eyes several times, clearing his mind from all thoughts. “Eh?”

Billie rolled his eyes, laughing. “I saaaaaaaaid, do you wanna come back to my place for a bit? Me and Adrienne are gonna have some drinks.”

Mike bit on his bottom lip softly. This was the first girl of Billie’s that Mike had ever been introduced to properly. He couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. After all, it had been just him and Billie for years now.

Mike nodded. “Yeah sure.”

Billie clapped his hands together, grinning.  “Then it’s settled.” He placed his left arm around Adrienne’s shoulder, his right arm around Mikes. “I get to spend the night with my two lovers.” He raised his eyebrows up and down several times, before breaking down into fits of laughter.

Mike felt his cheeks blush scarlet red. Had Billie told Adrienne about the two of them? Did she know about those drunken kisses and that time they ended up in bed? Did she know how much Mike lusted after Billie? Did she know anything?

Billie removed his arms from the pair and made his way over to the van, tripping down the curb as he went.

Mike rolled his eyes. “How much did you say he had to drink?”




Pulling into Billie’s garage, Mike jumped out of the drivers seat and around to the passenger side. 

“I’m fine. I’m fine,” Billie muttered, clambering out of the car, closely followed by Adrienne.

Mike raised an eyebrow. “You sure? Cause you didn’t look fine when you were lying in the middle of the road. Or when we had to pull over because you wanted to puke.”

Billie rolled his eyes. “I’m fine NOW thank you Mikey.”

Mike laughed softly. Turning to look at Adrienne he smiled. “So you were at the gig tonight?”

She nodded, her dark hair bobbing around in the air. “Yeah. People were going on about how fantastic this band was, so I thought I would come check it out.”

Billie laughed, unlocking the door slowly. “She just wanted to come to check me out cause all her friends were saying how hot we were.”

Adrienne giggled. “Oh yeah, that too.”

Mike couldn’t help but laugh. He knew it was probably true though. Billie Joe was sweet, funny and extremely good-looking. He had these amazing eyes and luscious lips that Billie knew very well could drive anyone crazy. Mike had loved Billie Joe since the first time they met 10 years back. And he knew he wouldn’t be losing that love any time soon.

Mike then turned his attention back to Adrienne. She seemed nice. She was extremely good-looking and just Billie’s type. Hell, she was Mike’s type. But he wasn’t about to go there. Well, not until Billie and Adrienne stopped seeing each other anyways.

Walking into the house, Adrienne’s arm brushed Mikes. She smiled sweetly in apology, there gaze lasting a few seconds longer than needed.

Billie didn’t notice. He was already passing through the living room and into the kitchen.

“Beer?” he called behind him, exiting the room before either could reply.

On his return, he carried an arm full of drinks and wine.

Adrienne plonked herself down on the couch, kicking off her shoes as she went. “God, anyone would think you were trying to get me drunk Mr. Armstrong.”

Billie grinned cheekily, passing her a drink. “Maybe I am Miss Nesser. Or maybe, I know that I won’t need too.”

Mike watched from the opposite chair as the two locked lips, Billie cupping Adrienne’s cheek with his hand. He could feel his own cheek tingle, remembering all the times Billie had done that to him.

The two broke apart, there faces still close together. Sweet nothings were whispered as Mike found a sudden interest in the label across his beer bottle.

Adrienne swiftly stood from the sofa, Mike’s eyes flickering up in haste.

“Bathroom?” she questioned.

“Upstairs, third on your right.”

She lent down, placing another soft kiss on Billie’s lips before walking down the corridor, upstairs.

Billie beamed up at Mike. “She’s alright eh?”

Mike smiled back. “Yeah, I reckon you’re onto a winner there mate.” He let his eyes fall back to the ground, his smile quickly fading.

Noticing this, Billie placed his beer onto the coffee table and made his way over to Mike’s seat. “What’s wrong?”

Mike remained silent.

“Mikey?” Billie questioned. “Please talk to me.”

Taking a swig of his beer, Mike looked up at Billie who was now rested on the arm of the chair. “It’s just…It’s… Nothing Bil, don’t worry.” His eyes fell once again.

Billie placed his hand under Mike’s chin, bringing their eyes up level. “I do worry Mike. And you know it.” He placed a soft kiss on Mike’s forehead. “Now tell me.”

Mike gazed at the man next to him.  “It’s just…Don’t get me wrong, she seems lovely. I guess I’m kind of, well, I dunno.”

Billie raised an eyebrow at Mike.

“Okay, I’m jealous. I’m jealous of her. And I’m scared. I’m scared shitless that this means we’re over. That from now on, I’m second. I just, I can’t do this without you Bil. You’re everything to me. You’re the air that I breathe for fucks sake.”

Billie smiled and lent down, catching Mike’s lips with his own. Mike threw his hands up, one catching Billie’s cheek, the other planting itself in Billie’s soft hair.

Billie licked Mike’s lips forcefully, making Mike moan. Billie didn’t let the opportunity pass; slipping his tongue in with one hasty movement. The pair fought for dominance, Billie won as he clambered on top of Mike, straddling his hips.

The kiss deepened, as Mike felt himself becoming more and more aroused at Billies touch.

 Both men were so wrapped up in each other, that neither of them heard the soft footsteps down the stairs. Neither of them heard the soft gasp from the doorway. And neither man heard the soft squeak of the sofa as another body joined them in the room.

Billie pulled off Mike softly, kissing his chin and down his neck.

Mike gasped softly at the sight of Adrienne on the couch.

“You like that?” Billie whispered.

“Errrr Bil…Billie…”

Billie kissed Mike’s neck. “Mmmm I know. Adie will be down soon.”

“Too late,” piped up a voice from the other side of the room.

Billie looked up into Mike’s eyes before turning around leisurely, afraid at what he would find.

His eyes met with Adrienne’s and instead of seeing a green eyed monster, there on his mothers sofa sat the same woman he had kissed just minutes earlier. Her hair, still soft and bouncy. Her eyes still sparkling in the light.

Billie clambered off Mike, his eyes filled with shock and horror. “I, we, I, Mike, I, Adrienne…”

The dark haired woman smiled. “What Billie Joe? What were you doing?”

Billie looked back to Mike, as if searching for an answer. He was met with a blank.

“I, we, I’m sorry Adie. Me and Mike, we’ve been friends for so long.” Billie’s speech began to quicken, his words almost becoming one.

“Ya see, I’m not gay, it’s not like that. We’re not gay.” He pointed to himself and to Mike. “I just, we, it just happens sometimes.”

Adrienne’s smile deepened, if that was possible. “How often does it happen?”

Billie raised his eyebrows.

“How often Billie Joe?”

Billie shifted his feet against the carpet, like a small child being told off for drawing on the walls.

“I dunno… once a month. Twice…”

Adrienne stood up and made her way to where Billie was standing. She kissed his lips deeply, causing Billie to almost fall over with surprise.

“Can it happen more?” she whispered, grabbing Billie by the hand and dragging him over to where Mike sat.

With her free hand, she grabbed Mike’s fingers, pulling him up to his feet. Both men now stood face to face.

“Kiss,” she instructed.

Both men looked at her; faces filled with shock.

She grinned back. “Kiss.” This time she repeated the word slowly, almost making it sound like she was purring at the same time.

Billie lent forward, closing the gap between his and Mike’s face. Mike did the same until their lips were joined once again. Adrienne had to bite down on her tongue to stop from moaning at the sight of two hot men making out only inches away from her face. She let her hands fall down to her sides, reaching in between their two bodies. Her hand casually running along each mans thigh before running gently along the crutch.  Simultaneously both men bucked forward, moaning deeply into each other’s mouths.

 Mike pulled back from Billie Joe’s lips, his eyes turning to Adrienne. Leaning in, she pushed her soft lips against his. Billie’s eyes widened. Under any other circumstance he would be pissed off at Mike. Hell, even now he should be. But god, Adrienne’s hand just wouldn’t give up. And there was something so, nice, so sexy about watching the man he loved and his new girl making out before him.

Adrienne gave a slight squeeze on both men’s crutches as she pulled back, taking both hands into her own. Following the woman upstairs, Billie Joe and Mike gave each other quick glances, filled with desperation and lust.

On reaching the top of the carpeted stairs, Adrienne stopped, spinning around to face the two young men.

“Room?” she questioned.

Billie mumbled, trying to make the words come out.


Mike giggled nervously. “Here,” walking past the pair and pushing open the first door on the left. He quickly rushed over to the bedside lamp, switching it on. The room glowed softly of an orangey light.

Billie closed the door behind him.

For a few moments, the threesome stood together, about a metre in between each, eyes wandering from one partner to the other. Finally Adrienne spoke.

“I, I’ve never done this before,” she said, in a soft whisper.

Billie smiled back, taking two steps towards her. “I know. And neither have we.”

Mike watched on as Billie pulled Adrienne close, kissing her deeply. His hands ran through her thick hair, while she ran hers up and down Billie’s sides.

Mike didn’t realise it but his hand was now rubbing his crotch firmly, making his hips want to buck forward with pleasure.

Adrienne glanced sideways as she withdrew her lips from the smaller mans.  She grinned as she watched Mike touching himself.

“You okay Michael?” she whispered, walking towards him.

Before he could answer, Adrienne’s left hand moved up underneath his shirt, rubbing gently along his stomach. Her right hand began to undo his belt buckle, letting his pants fall and pool at his ankles. She could see through his boxers how hard Mike was already.

Billie Joe on the other hand was now completely naked, his clothes thrown in every direction of the bedroom. His hand rubbed along his throbbing cock as he watched in awe as Adrienne tucked her fingers under Mike’s waistband, pulling them down to his feet, leaving nothing to cover his dick. Smiling, she looked up at Mike, with her big brown eyes, before plunging her mouth onto him. Gasping, Mike bucked forward as Adrienne sucked hard, her tongue rubbing along the underside of his dick.

“Oh shit….”

Adrienne used her left hand to steady Mike’s hip, her other, she reached around Mike, pressing gently at his entrance. Swiftly she pushed it in making Mike cry out in surprise and pain.

“Oh Jesus Christ. Fuuuuck.”

Adrienne pulled off Mike, making a loud ‘POP’ with her mouth.

Mike frowned softly as Adrienne removed her finger from his arse.

“Billie…” she gestured for the dark haired man to join them.

Rushing forward, Billie moaned as Adrienne rubbed her hand along his dick before he even had a second to ready himself. He felt his knees weaken at her touch. No woman had ever made him feel like that. None.

Moaning Billie bucked his hips forward into her waiting hand.

“You like that?” she purred to him.

“Fuck yes.”

She rubbed her finger along his slit, precum starting to weep from the end of his cock.

“Mike,” she moaned. “Michael come closer.”

Mike did as he was asked, taking a step forward so he was now beside Billie.

She gave a quick suck on his cock before pulling off.

“Fuck him,” she ordered in a very straightforward manner.

“Huh?” was all Mike could manage.

“You heard me, get back there and fuck him. Fuck him like I know you’ve done it before.”

Billie threw his head back in ecstasy as Adrienne pushed her lips around him, humming softly.

Stepping behind Billie, Mike ran his hands up and down the dark mans sides, before taking two fingers into his mouth and positioning them at Billie’s entrance. He pushed gently at first, but was surprised as he felt Billie push backwards onto them.

“Ohhh fuck Mike. Ohhh shit.”

Adrienne pulled off Billie, her hand rubbing his inner thigh as Mike removed his fingers and pushed his dick close to Billie’s hole.

“Do it!” she ordered simply.

Mike pushed gently into Billie making the smaller man release a deep throaty moan.

“God Bil…”

Mike pulled out and slammed back in, this time with ease. Adrienne ran her hand up and down Billie’s naked stomach, her hand brushing against his rock hard cock several times.

“Adie, Mike, Ohh fuckin hell.”

Mike felt Billie tighten around him as he slammed into his sweet spot.

“Fuuuuuuuck Mikey.”

Adrienne knew he wouldn’t be long now, quickly flicking her tongue over his cock and taking him into her mouth once again.

Mike began to speed up as he felt his orgasm brewing.

“Bil, oh shit, Billie, Billie…”

With one final thrust Mike spilled deep into Billie, his cock hitting perfectly into Billie’s sweet spot, sending the smaller man over the edge, cuming deep down Adrienne’s throat.

She swallowed hard, pulling her lips off and sucking gently on Billie’s cock. Mike pulled out, resting one hand on Billie’s shoulder to steady himself. Adrienne licked down Mike’s cock, cleaning him up as she went.

“Mmmm,” was all she could manage.

Billie looked down to his cock, surprised at how hard he was getting already. Looking back to Mike, who was doing the same, he smiled.

“Adie,” he whispered.

Turning she smiled.

“How bout we get you outta this dress now?”





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