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~ A Birthday To Remember ~

Title: A Birthday To Remember
Author: m_j_47
Raiting: NC-17
Pairing: Billie Joe/Tre/Adie
Disclaimer: Oh man, I wish this was true, but i highly doubt that it is. AS IF Adie would wanna share that sexy bitch of a husband she has!!!
Dedications: This story is dedicated to the two people who asked for it.... that_bass_line and sunlight_shimmy.... this is for you!
Notes: This story is kind of following on from the previous story where Adrienne is okay with the relationship that Billie and Tre share... ( http://www.livejournal.com/community/_comingclean_/720627.html  )

Billie smiled holding two delicate hands in his own. One was soft, fragile and belonged to the woman he loved. The other was stronger and much more coarse and belonged to the man he loved. Adrienne Armstrong, his wife, and Tre Cool, his lover sat either side of a glowing Billie Joe. Today, Billie was the birthday boy. Today Billie was the luckiest man in the world.


Tre awoke with a start as his phone buzzed in his pocket, sending shockwaves up his body. Deciding wether to let it go for a few more minutes he decided it was best to answer instead.

‘The Armstrong’s’ flashed up on his glowing screen. Smiling he answered.

“Hey baby, I was just dreaming about you.”

A womanly laugh came from the other end of the phone. “I always knew you had a thing for me Frank Wright!”

Tre laughed softly. “Adie, hey, sorry I wasn’t expecting it to be you.”

Adrienne laughed gently. “Yeah sorry, did I wake you?”

“Yeah, but it’s okay. What do I have the pleasure of your call?”

Adrienne stayed silent for a moment. “I, well, Billie’s birthday is soon. Did you have anything for him yet?”

“Nah not yet. He’s the hardest person in the world to buy for.”

Adrienne laughed. “Exactly! So I was thinking maybe together we could come up with a really good present to give him. Something he wouldn’t expect.”

Tre nodded to himself. “Yeah, sounds like a great idea. What did you have in mind?”


Tre stood up from the dinner table, grabbing Billie’s hand and helping him up.

“All set?”

Billie smiled. “Yeah, that was fantastic. Did you have a nice meal honey?” he asked turning to his dark haired beauty.

Adrienne smiled back adoringly at her husband. “Yes, it was wonderful.”

Tre excused himself while he went to pay for dinner.

“Come here you” Billie whispered to Adrienne pulling her into his arms.

She lent up, kissing his lips softly. “Are you enjoying your birthday?”

Billie Joe nodded, his green eyes sparkling in the soft lighting of the restaurant.

“God you’re gorgeous,” he whispered, kissing her forehead softly. “What the fuck did I do to deserve you?”

Adrienne smiled. “You were an angel in a past life” she muttered.

Billie grinned back as he admired his beauty. She wore a silky black dress, falling just above her knees. It clung to her stunning figure, showing off her curves and most importantly Billie noted, her breasts. Around her, a black wrap covered in gold strands making her sparkle in the light. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail; something that Billie Joe could never understand how something so simple could make her look so elegant.

He pulled her close and smiled as Tre made his way back towards the pair.

Tre seemed to be getting more handsome every time Billie Joe looked at him. He wore black pants with a hint of white pinstripe though them. A simple white long sleeved shirt carefully rolled up to his elbows showed off his arms perfectly. Billie grinned cheekily remembering the nights he had held them, digging his nails in with pleasure.

“Ready?” Tre questioned.

Adrienne let go of Billie and made her way over to Tre. Leaning up to him, she whispered “ready” before planting a soft kiss on his lips.

Billie Joe could only stare on in amazement. He had seen his two partners kiss on many occasions. Christmas, New Years, Funerals, Weddings… but this, this was different. He couldn’t help but feel slightly turned on.

Adrienne pulled away giving Tre a wink, which only he could see.

“Ready baby?”

Billie snapped his eyes open and close a few times. “Errr yeah sorry.”

Tre had to bite his tongue to suppress his laughter.

“This way,” he muttered holding the restaurant door open as the three of them made their way out into the night’s open air.


“Tre? Are you there?”

“Umm yeah sorry, just wow. I never thought you, we, well…” he trailed off.

Adrienne giggled nervously. “I know. I never thought I ever would. Especially with two boys. I mean guys. I mean men.”

Tre was the one to laugh this time. “I’m pretty sure only one of us is a man and one is still a boy.”

Adrienne relaxed slightly. She was glad it was Tre she was talking to about this. “Yeah, Billie never did grow up did he.”

Tre sighed pushing himself up on the sofa so he was now sitting.

“Do you think he will… I dunno, get freaked?”

Adrienne chewed on her bottom lip subconsciously.

“To be honest Tre, I don’t know. It’s not like we do this kind of thing often ya know.”

“Mmmm” Tre muttered in agreement. “Well if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Billie Joe over the years, it’s that he’s always up for something new.”

Adrienne smiled. “Yep, I think you’re on key there.”

The phone line remained silent for what seemed like an eternity.

“Okay, if you’re up for it than I am,” Tre said jumping to his feet.

Adrienne smiled. “Great! Wow, it’s really happening.”

Tre grinned. “Yeah, it’s happening. I’m having a threesome!”


Adrienne jumped in the drivers seat as Tre encouraged Billie to join him in the back of the vehicle.

Glancing in the rear view mirror, Adrienne grinned as Tre gave her a friendly wink before pushing his lips deep onto Billie’s.

Billie savoured the moment only for a few seconds before pushing Tre off him slightly. Adrienne could here Billie whisper “Babe, don’t you think this is weird? I mean, my wife’s just there.”

Tre giggled, thinking of what events were to follow during the course of the night.

“Yeah you’re right. Later,” he whispered, loud enough so Adrienne could here.

She smirked silently as she drove down the pitch-black roads.

Pulling into The Armstrong driveway Billie peered out the window. “Adie. Adie what are you doing?”

Adrienne turned the car off. And stepped out side.

Billie glanced at Tre before hoping out of the car. “Adrienne? Tre! You were ment to drop Tre off home.”

Adrienne turned to face her husband as Tre scrambled out of the car.

“Ohhh,” she muttered placing a finger to her lips as if in deep thought. “I guess I forgot.” She titled her head to one side, pouting.

Billie smiled softly. “It’s okay baby. I can drop Tre home if you want.”

“NO!” Adrienne yelled a little louder than ment.

Billie, looking slightly taken aback raised an eyebrow. “Ummmm okay.”

Tre placed a hand around Adrienne’s waist. “What I think Adie is trying to say, is that it’s really not good for your car to be stopped and started immediately. So, why don’t we all go inside and have a drink.”

Adrienne nodded in agreement, grateful for Tre’s quick thinking skills.

Billie looked from one to the other before nodding. “Okay then. But don’t forget it’s MY birthday, so no fighting for my attention,” he giggled, snatching the keys from Adrienne’s hand and bounding up to the front door.

Adrienne placed her hand down onto Tre’s and smiled.

“You’re still sure about this?” she whispered, leaning up into his ear.

Tre squeezed back into her hand slightly. “Absolutely.”

They kissed softly before quickly making there way up into The Armstrong’s home.

Billie plonked himself down on the sofa, cracking open a beer as he went. Tre did the same, only placing himself across the room in an armchair.

“Beautiful evening,” Tre muttered.

Billie smiled. “What’s with the small talk Mr. Cool? I thought we were past that.”

Adrienne coughed as she entered the room, making Billie jump slightly with fright.

“Bit jumpy tonight baby,” she whispered taking a sip of her wine and sitting next to Billie.

“Am I?” Billie questioned.

“Mmmm,” Adrienne replied, which could have almost been mistaken for a moan. She lent forwards and kissed her husband passionately. Her tongue quickly darting into his mouth, savouring the taste of his dinner, the beer and the remains of Tre from in the car.

Tre watched on, sipping on his beer. He could feel himself becoming more and more aroused by the second.

Adrienne finally pulled out of the kiss, licking her lips seductively. “Tre sweetie, come join us. There’s plenty of room on the couch.”

Tre shuffled over quickly planting himself on the other side of Billie Joe.

Billie felt his face flush slightly. Was it starting to get hot in here or was it just him?

“So baby, did you have a nice birthday?” Adrienne asked, rubbing her hand up along Billie’s thigh repetitively. She looked over to Tre and back down to her hand. Tre got the idea.

“Yeah babe,” he whispered, letting his hand fall to Billie’s right leg, his fingers tracing abstract patterns along it. “How’s the day been?”

Billie gasped for air. Jesus, if they weren’t careful, he would blow any second.

“Y,y, yeh. The day has been wonderful.” He said in a hoarse voice.

Adrienne smiled kissing his cheek. “That’s good then.”

Tre did the same but on the opposite side. “Mmmm. That’s splendid. “

Adrienne reached across and placed her hand on Tre’s. Leaning forwards she ushered Tre’s face closer with her eyes. He obeyed until both their faces were directly in front of Billie Joes.

“Yes Billie. Were so pleased you had a nice day,” Adrienne whispered before cupping Tre’s face in her hand.

Billie’s breath quickened slightly as Tre lent forward and pushed his lips against Adrienne’s. His tongue darted into her mouth making her moan softly, but most certainly loud enough for Billie to hear.

Billie’s heart raced as he watched his two lovers kiss passionately only centimetres from his face.

Adrienne let her hand fall softly from Billie’s leg and onto his crotch. He moaned loudly as he felt himself harden under her touch.

Pulling out of their tender kiss, Adrienne smiled, looking from Billie, to Tre and back to Billie. She continued stroking his hardening cock through his jeans as Tre nuzzled into the crook of Billie’s neck, placing tiny kisses along the bone as he went.

Billie let his head fall backwards onto the couch his eyes closing as the pleasure began to overtake him.

Adrienne lent up and kissed Billie’s lips softly before whispering, “bedroom.” Both men got the idea and raced up the stairs to follow her.

By the time they arrived upstairs, Adrienne was lying on the bed, her dress thrown onto the floor. Billie grinned as he looked at his stunning wife.

“Are you two just gonna stand there all night?” She pouted at the pair.

Billie quickly removed his shirt, clambering on top of his wife. He kissed her collarbone softly and down to her breasts. She sunk deeper into the pillows at his touch. He kissed down her stomach, leaving sloppy kiss trails as he went.

Adrienne looked up to see Tre, standing at the end of the bed, now completely naked. His cock was rock hard, his hand softly stroking it. His eyes lay firmly on the two bodies lying on the bed.

Smiling, Adrienne gestured with her hand for Tre to join them.

He smiled warmly making his way onto the large bed. Billie pulled away from Adrienne’s warm skin and turned to face Tre. Grinning he pulled him close, lips pressing firmly into each other’s. Tre moved closer so now both men’s chests were pushed firmly together. He moved his hand up along Billie’s tiny biceps as Billie’s hands roamed down to Tre’s ass, cupping it perfectly in his hands.

Tre let out a soft moan into Billie’s mouth as he felt Billie erection push against his own.

“Pants. Off. Now.” Tre muttered in between kisses.

Adrienne sat up on the bed and helped Billie remove his pants. The pair’s lips barely left contact, making the task ten times harder than it had to be.

Finally removed, Adrienne pushed herself against Billie’s back, kissing his neck and gently biting his ear. Her hand roamed around touching one man’s chest to the other.

Tre broke Billie’s kiss and lent around, planting his lips softly on Adrienne’s waiting mouth. Moaning, the pair caused Billie to buck forwards into Tre’s erection. Both men let out slight whimpers.

“Lie back,” Adrienne whispered in Billie’s ear spinning herself around to allow him to move.

Billie fell back onto the bed, his head missing the pillows and landing awkwardly onto the soft mattress.

Tre immediately kissed his way up Billie’s thighs as Adrienne did the opposite, kissing down Billie’s chest.

He gasped for air as he felt not one, but two warm tongues flick over his cock. Adrienne was the first to take Billie deep into her mouth as Tre licked at Billie’s balls, his tongue colliding with Adrienne’s on the odd occasion. Billie bucked his hips forward as the pair swapped; now Tre taking Billie’s length down his throat with Adrienne kissing and nibbling.

Billie couldn’t stand much more and Tre could feel him begin to quiver.

Quickly pulling away he crawled up, kissing Billie’s lips, letting the birthday boy taste himself.

Adrienne moaned at the pair kissing hungrily.

“Fuck him,” she gasped kissing the back of Tre’s neck. “I want to watch you fuck my husband.”

Billie grinned cheekily as Tre made his way towards the end of the bed. He readied his fingers for his saliva when Adrienne threw herself at him.

“Let me.”

She took Tre’s fingers in her mouth, sucking them desperately.

Tre shook at her touch. God, he didn’t know any woman could do that.

She kissed each fingertip before smiling.

“Do it,” she whispered to Tre.

Tre placed two fingers at Billie’s entrance, gently easing them in. Letting out a slight gasp, Billie’s nails gripped the sheets around him. Tre withdrew them, pushing them back in a little faster each time. Adrienne rubbed her hand along Billie’s stomach, leaving small sloppy kisses as she went. Reaching up, she took Billie’s Joes nipple into her mouth, sucking and pulling at it with her teeth.

Billie moaned loudly. “Now Tre.”

Tre looked down at his cock. “I need lub…” Before he could finish Adrienne was there, sucking softly on Tre’s solid cock. Bucking forward Tre slammed his eyes closed. Jesus, he knew why Billie was such a lucky man. She pulled back smirking.

“Now Tre! Do it!”

The words came out seductively and Tre could do nothing but gasp for more.

“Do it Tre. Fuck Billie hard. I wanna see you cum in him. Do it Tre.”

Tre pushed himself deep into Billie with one thrust.

Billie cried out in pain, his back arching up. Adrienne returned to Billie’s chest, kissing soothingly until Billie’s pain was replaced by pleasure.

Tre thrust harder into Billie moaning every time.

Adrienne grinned wickedly as Billie’s eyes snapped closed. She now understood what Billie ment by his sweet spot.

He shook softly each time Tre hit it and everyone knew neither man was going to be much longer to climax.

Leaning up, Adrienne kissed Tre deeply as he continued to fuck Billie.

“So. Close.”

Adrienne ran her nails down Tre’s chest taking his nipple into her mouth. With her free hand she reached back, slowly pumping on Billie’s tightening cock, making him gasp with appreciation.

“Adie, Oh Jesus Christ. Fuck.” Billie growled.

Adrienne abandoned Tre’s chest and wrapped her lips around Billie’s cock. Tre let out a loud cry as he came hard and fast into Billie’s ass. Slamming his cock in one last time, Billie gasped.

“Holy SHIT…”

He bucked forward and came rapidly down Adrienne’s throat.

The threesome lay together in a tangle of limbs and bodily fluids for what seemed hours, regaining their breath and composure.

Tre lent up, kissing Billie’s lips. “Happy Birthday baby,” he whispered, curling up into his lover’s side.

Adrienne smiled before doing the same. Adrienne and Tre locked hands over Billie’s stomach making him smile.

Letting out a giggle he muttered, “Well that certainly was a birthday to remember.”

Tre grinned into Billie’s side. “Glad you liked it.”

Billie closed his eyes for a moment before whispering, “Ya know, I was just thinking… Can I have a birthday every day?”


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